Company, National and Historic Progression

Fresh from 1st Denny & Dunipace Company (Denny Westpark Church) reaching the Scottish Final of Masterteam, their chess team in the BB National Competition has also progressed to the semi-final, convincingly beating Kilsyth 8-1.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 31st January 2016, 12:00 pm

Bill Stevenson has been indicating his plans after his becoming the interim Brigade Secretary. He writes of the privilege to serve in this capacity and be part of a movement continuing to be a real force for good in sharing the Good News of the Gospel. To find out more details of his future plans, he can be found on Twitter @billBBHQ

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The European Fellowship Easter Course in Romania, March 20 to 27, has places for youth leaders (17 – 25) to meet similar volunteers from other countries share ideas and experiences and enjoy Christian fellowship as well as a lot of fun. Details from

Need new sports equipment or similar goods for your company? Perhaps boys’ parents shop at Sainsbury’s. They have ‘Active Kids Vouchers’ from January 27 to May 3 for every £10 spent. They can be redeemed for goods and coaching sessions.

Congratulations to the Cub Scouts who nationally celebrated being 100 years old this year. The Scouts had been set up by Lord Baden Powel some ten years earlier in 1907 when, as a BB Officer, decided to go in a different direction from William Smith’s Boys’ Brigade, founded in 1883. His first ‘scout’ camp at Brownsea Island was made up of BB boys and boys from a private school. He remained an honorary BB vice president thereafter. The Boys’ Life Brigade was set up in 1899 following the establishment of the BB. It was regarded as the BB Boy Reserves and it was not till 1926 that it became the Junior Reserve, or Life Boys, which in 1966, became the current Junior Section of the Boys’ Brigade.