Community centre left with no hot water for six weeks

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Bonnybridge Community Centre has gone without hot water for weeks as it awaits a new part for the heating system coming from Europe.

Users of the centre have complained about situation as those using it for exercise can’t have a shower as there has been no hot water.

Richard Lapsley, who uses the five-aside football facilities every week, claims it’s been six weeks since the problem started.

He said: “We haven’t been able to have a shower after our games because there’s no hot water at all, it’s ridiculous. Other teams and groups have also been complaining, but staff keep telling us that the council can’t fix the problem because their contractor is waiting on a part that will take weeks to get here.

“I think there’s a bigger health and safety problem though because there’s been blood donor appointments in the centre so I would think having no hot water would pose health problems.”

Falkirk Council has apologised to centre users and says it is trying to have the problem repaired as soon as possible.

A spokesperson said: “A replacement part for the heating system was ordered, however, there was a delay in obtaining this due to it coming from Holland – it was installed however the system failed to restart – new components have been ordered and we expect these to be installed next week.

“We apologise for the problems that users of the centre are having meantime and stress we are moving as quickly as we can to have the system working again.”