Comely Park gets gift of £1500 thanks to Edwin

Edwin Walker's Christmas story was a winner
Edwin Walker's Christmas story was a winner

A Falkirk schoolboy was walking on air after winning a UK-wide festive writing competition.

Edwin Walker (10) scooped the top prize of £1500 for his school with his highly original story in the format of a letter to the police reporting an ‘intruder’ on Christmas Eve.

The Comely Park Primary pupil also received a Christmas stocking stuffed with £50 worth of goodies from the competition’s organiser,

Edwin said: “I couldn’t believe it when my mum told me I had won. I really like writing and am glad people thought my letter was funny.”

Sam Hay, children’s author and the competition’s judge, said: “Edwin’s story was a really fun, original idea and I absolutely loved it.”