Close shave for salon as BMW crashes through window

Alan Fish clears up the glass after the near miss at Chaplins
Alan Fish clears up the glass after the near miss at Chaplins

Staff and customers at a local hairdressers had a narrow escape this morning after a BMW smashed through the shop window ... not once but twice.

The incident happened just after 10.30am at Chaplins, in Island Crescent, Hallglen, when the BMW shattered the glass of the window, just feet away from Alan Fish, who owns the salon with wife Rhona.

Alan said: “I was sitting down near the front window when the car came through it and then came through it again. Thankfully the box at the front of the shop stopped me being showered with glass.”

Alan was busy clearing away the debris with a brush in the aftermath of the incident as his staff continued to brave the elements and work on clients’ hair despite the major interuption.

Police were on the scene quickly and were talking to the driver just before 11am.

Alan said: “He’s telling the police what happened but he still hasn’t apologised to me yet. He normally comes in here for a haircut.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: ”Police in Forth Valley were called to an incident in Falkirk following reports that a car had struck a shop window. The incident happened around 10.30am and involved a white BMW M4.

“The 66-year-old male driver was not seriously injured.”