Clackmannanshire Bridge reopens to traffic after police search

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Traffic is now being allowed back across the Clackmannanshire Bridge following its closure for most of the day.

Vehciles have been prevented from using the crossing since 3am when a search was launched after a man was spotted entering the water.

The incident began at 2.50am when a blue Transit van was spotted by a police armed response vehicle, which was in the area at the time, travelling in the opposite direction on just three wheels.

Officers turned their vehicle around and activated their blue lights in a bid to get the driver to stop.

A short time later the van struck the barriers on the Clackmannanshire Bridge and the male driver got out. He climbed over the bridge’s safety railings and ended up in the water despite attempts to save him.

The bridge remained closed until shortly after 9 pm when the police thanked people for their co-operation.

They haven’t yet revealed if the man has been found.