Cineworld mix-up leaves young kids watching 12 Years A Slave instead of Tinkerbell

The film '12 Years A Slave' was not what the children expected to see
The film '12 Years A Slave' was not what the children expected to see
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Little children expecting to see a fantasy animated adventure were greeted with the gritty reality of Oscar-winner ‘12 Years A Slave’.

The mix up happened last Saturday at Falkirk Cineworld when youngsters settled down to watch the U-rated ‘Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy’ and were instead subjected to the very adult-themed trailers associated with the incorrect main feature, 15-rated ‘12 Years A Slave’.

According to one mum the trailers which were shown in the run-up to the wrong film had an adverse effect on the children present.

She said: “It left a lot of children traumatised after seeing the trailers that were played and they took over an hour to play the correct film.”

Although the epic 134-minute ‘12 Years A Slave’ won three Oscars, including Best Picture, at the Academy Awards earlier this month, the majority of the audience present to see 78-minute ‘Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy’ would not have appreciated the harrowing drama based on the true story of free man Solomon Northup kidnapped into slavery in 1800s America.

Solomon’s long road to freedom has little in common with Tinker Bell and her pixie pals who, in a prequel of sorts to the classic ‘Peter Pan’, must go through a series of comedic battles with incompetent pirates in an effort to retrieve their pixie dust and return home to Pixie Hollow.

According to Cineworld, the mistake was due to a technical error which they are taking steps to make sure never happens again.

A spokesman said: “During a screening of a U-rated film there was a technical error which meant content certified for ages 15 and over was shown before the screening. Staff noticed the fault and quickly stopped the screening, informing customers what had happened and offering a full refund as well as some complimentary tickets and refreshments.”