Children get in on the wedding act

The Maddiston youngsters loved the attention their 'wedding' got
The Maddiston youngsters loved the attention their 'wedding' got

When two local childminders decided to hold their own royal wedding, they had no idea of the attention it was going to get.

Local childminders Rena Steele and Maureen Fortune decided to hold the event as a way of getting the children interested in tomorrow’s big event, when Prince William will marry Kate Middleton.

But when the idea caught the imagination of TV show ‘The Hour’ and Sky News, there was a last-minute change of plan.

Rena said: “As a childminder, you’re always looking for new ideas, so Maureen and I were going to hold a small ceremony at my house for the children we look after.

“We got in touch with ‘The Hour’, who were looking for events connected with the royal wedding, and then Sky News said they were coming out to film it.

“We had 27 children, but when we found out it was going to be filmed, we booked a hall, the parents got involved and things just grew from there.

“The children had new outfits, new shoes and there were even trips to the hairdressers for some of them.

“The children did very well and came up with a lot of their own ideas.

‘‘They decided who they were going to be, with some wanting to be diplomats from other countries.

‘‘One of my older girls even learned how to play ‘Here Comes the Bride’ on the organ.

“It was a great day, but I still cannot believe how much interest there is.

“As far as we know, it’s going to be on Sky News on the day of the royal wedding, and it’s also going to be on Real Radio.”

And, it’s certain the Maddiston children and their childminders will be glued to the telly on Friday. Rena said: “We can’t wait to watch it on the TV on the day.”