Cheap beef is sold as lamb

‘FAKE’ lamb has been discovered in Falkirk food outlets.

During a routine inspection, 10 businesses were selling cheap cuts of beef described as lamb.

Councillor Charles MacDonald, convener of the community health and safety committee, said: “Unreputable business owners have sourced cuts of beef at cheap prices.

‘‘It is then sold on as lamb in various dishes, allowing them to make a healthy profit while scamming the consumer.

“All of the businesses found have been issued with a formal warning and our officers will be making unannounced visits in the future to ensure they are complying with the legislation.

If they don’t they could face prosecution with the potential for a fine not exceeding £20,000 or up to six months in prison or even both. The public has a right to buy what is being described.

“Substitution of one meat for another without informing the public is wrong, illegal and in some cases could potentially have serious religious and moral repercussions for certain sections of our community.’’

Anyone with concerns should call (01324) 504982.