Charming way to switch on to Christmas

Spark Drummers are one of the highlight acts tomorrow.
Spark Drummers are one of the highlight acts tomorrow.

The fun and games start at 3pm, and the big switch-on is at 5pm ... so don’t miss tomorrow’s spectacular Christmas lights events at Falkirk High Street’s steeple tomorrow (Sunday, November 20).

Last year’s show drew thousands, but organisers Falkirk Delivers promise this year’s is going to be even better, with new lights to brighten up the town and plenty of entertainment to keep everyone amused.

It’s the official start of the festive season, and a rousing endorsement for local shops in the run-up to December 25 – and is to feature some very special guests.

Provost Pat Reid is performing the switching-on honours, and other dignitaries present are to include both Prince Charming and Cinderella ... along with a supporting cast of angels.

There will be show rides for the children to enjoy, the hi-tech, high impact drumming of Spark!, and Christmas carols and entertainment from the Big Bad Wolf Theatre Company.

To one lady who enquired if tickets are required the answer is “no” – and don’t let anyone try and sell you one!

This is a day for Bairns of all ages, and a must-do event in a festive league of its own.