Charity wins after Sharon becomes a real Bunny!

Sharon Finegan is changing her name by deed poll to Bunny Sharon Finegan.
Sharon Finegan is changing her name by deed poll to Bunny Sharon Finegan.

Rabbit-loving Sharon Finegan has taken the ultimate step to promote her favourite pet rescue charity ... by changing her name to Bunny!

She took the bizarre decision to modify her monicker by deed poll to raise money for Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care, whose volunteers take in animals abandoned by their owners and look after them until they can be found new homes.

Sharon has supported the group for years and turned the family home she shares with her partner, Morgan (36), and step daughter Kiah (4) into a safe sanctuary for unwanted Thumpers across the district.

Their house and back garden at Sutton Park Crescent in Stenhousemuir has been turned into a mini menagerie tending for not only Kiah’s two pet guinea pigs and Sharon’s nine rabbits and two cats but another six rabbits in foster care as well!

She said: “I love animals but rabbits have always been my very favourite pet. We have a huge shed at the back of the house to keep them in and they also have secure runs to scamper about in outside. They are normally with us for around six weeks, but generally what happens is when we find new homes for one group Fairly Beloved always have others to take their place. There seems to be a lot of bunny rabbits out there needing some temporary care and attention until we can find them a good home.

“Morgan thinks the name-change idea is brilliant and if it raises funds for Fairly Beloved all the better. The people there think I’m a bit mad but happy for me to do it and have wished me all the best.”

Sharon (28), who works in the cash office at the Gala Bingo hall in Falkirk, has already raised over £100 from her novel idea to re-invent herself as Bunny Sharon Finegan.

As she was born in England she will have to change her name officially by deed poll, but has been surprised by how easy it is.

She said: “You can actually call yourself anything you like as long as it’s not rude and all you have to do to start the process to make it official is go on-line. After that you simply contact the usual organisations to change things like your bank details, driving licence and passport.”

Anyone can make a donation by going to