Chaplains spread the word and offer support to workers

Two of the chaplains
Two of the chaplains

Town centre workers are being given a chance to offload their worries and concerns.

For the past few months, shop and office staff in Falkirk’s town centre has been getting to know its new town chaplains who have been popping in for visits since before Christmas.

Rev Gordon MacIndoe, minister at Falkirk Baptist Church for the past 10 years, is one of four town centre chaplains covering the Falkirk area.

Mr MacIndoe is joined in the role as a Falkirk town centre chaplain by retired Church of Scotland minister Rev. John Brown, his wife Kay, and Liz Miller, a member of Falkirk Old.

The new role sees the chaplains visit shops and businesses to offer pastoral and spiritual support to anyone who needs it.

It’s a non-denominational and confidential service and simply offers a friendly ear.

Mr MacIndoe said: “Chaplaincies are springing up all over the place. Just like you have chaplains in hospitals, they are also now in shopping centres and offices.

“I have enjoyed it so far. It gives us a chance to get out in the local community and meet the people rather than staying inside the church walls.

“The church has given me a few hours off every week to do this, although my first priority is to the church.

“I’ve been dropping into shops and businesses, and saying hello and offering to speak to anyone who would like to talk about something.

“It is sometimes the case that people just need you to listen, and also it depends on things like how busy they are at the time.

“It’s not about trying to get people into coming to church, although they would be very welcome, but it’s about offering pastoral support.

“The majority of the shops have given us a warm welcome, and we look forward to everyone getting to know us.”