Changing signs for Falkirk town centre

Shopkeepers are complaining about the Ladbrokes sign in Lint Riggs
Shopkeepers are complaining about the Ladbrokes sign in Lint Riggs
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Town centre shopkeepers believe there are signs the local authority is enforcing one rule for some businesses and another rule for others.

One trader in Lint Riggs complained to Falkirk Council after he was told to take the sign above his shop down because it was not in keeping with the town’s heritage.

A spokesman for the businessman said: “My associate told me he was told his sign outside the shop did not conform to the new heritage standards and that he had been forced to remove it.”

The shopkeeper complied with the council’s wishes and removed his sign, but became angry and made his complaint when he noticed the sign being erected at bookmakers Ladbrokes just up the lane from his premises.

The spokesman said: “We noticed the old Ladbrokes sign had been taken down and a new plywood one had been attached to the front of the building, clearly in violation of the guidelines.

“I called the Falkirk planning department to inform them what was going on. They said Ladbrokes had sent her an e-mail detailing what they were doing and I said I expected an immediate stop work order to be issued if Ladbrokes did not comply and strip back to the original frontage.

“I was given no assurance this would happen. I told them that was not good enough, there could not be one law for the big guys and another law for the little guys since the non-conforming problem at my associate’s property was identical to Ladbrokes.

“All we want is one law for all and for that same law to be enforced equally without favouritism.”

A Falkirk Council spokesman said: “We have received a number of complaints regarding signage in the Lint Riggs area. Each complaint is investigated and where required, enforcement action taken against property owners to ensure they comply with the requirements of the area.”

A Ladbrokes spokesman confirmed this week the sign which is currently in place outside the shop is only temporary and will be replaced by another one, which complies with Falkirk Council’s guidelines, when it is created at a sign factory.