Centre faces closure after vandals strike

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A COMMUNITY centre could face closure after being attacked by vandals.

A COMMUNITY centre could face closure after being continually targeted by vandals.

A group of youths were spotted on Monday evening causing “considerable damage” to the former Denny High School building.

Police said that thousands of pounds had been spent repairing vandalism to the premises since it was re-opened as a community centre by Falkirk Council in 2009.

Officers have appealed for information relating to the this latest incident.

Community officer Pc Andy Nisbet said: “Since its renovation stage, Falkirk Council has already spent thousands of pounds continually repairing the building due to vandalism and installing preventative measures, however it would appear to no avail.

“If this site continues to be vandalised, it can only be assumed that Falkirk Council would close the facility meaning it would be no longer being available to the community.”