Carronshore pensioner angry at yob abuse

John Kidd (74) was shocked to learn the yob that threw a metal pole at him was boasting on Facebook
John Kidd (74) was shocked to learn the yob that threw a metal pole at him was boasting on Facebook

A grandfather has hit out at the sentence given to a thug who smashed a nine foot pole through his windscreen, narrowly missing his head.

Pensioner John Kidd was shocked to learn Christopher Forrest received a community-based sentence for the attack on September 13 and disgusted to hear how little remorse the HGV driver had.

Immediately after sentencing, Forrest (32) posted on a Facebook page that has since been taken down: “No prison bus for the big chap, round ya John Kidd ya wee liar.”

Mr Kidd, a retired metal polisher from Carronshore, couldn’t face seeing Forrest in court again but three of his five children went to see him sentenced.

At an earlier court appearance Forrest was warned he faced jail after pleading guilty to culpable and reckless conduct. But at Falkirk Sheriff Court on December 4 Sheriff John Mundy placed him on a 12-month community pay back order and ordered him to pay Mr Kidd £500 compensation and complete 225 hours unpaid work.

The grandfather of 12 hit out at the sentence. He said: “He has shown no remorse or regret. His lawyer said he regretted what he did, but his performance in court was just an act. And his disgusting Facebook comments prove this.”

Forrest, of East Kilbride, was delivering goods to Scotmid in Carronshore when he got into a row with the pensioner over a parking space.

He launched the heavy metal pole through the windscreen of Mr kidd’s car which went straight through the driver’s side window and missing Mr Kidd’s face by four inches.

The attack left him with cuts and damage to his sciatic nerve and paramedics told him he was lucky to be alive.

As a result of the attack, Mr Kidd said he is on medication for anxiety and no longer sleeping.

He said: “I’ve been referred for trauma counselling by my doctor and I wake up every half an hour. My wife Mary keeps hearing things in the night, thinking it’s him at the door.

He added: “In a year, he’ll have done his community service and be able to move on with his life, but what about me and my family? We’ll be suffering because of his actions for a long time.”

Mary (70) said: “What kind of 32-year-old man picks on a pensioner? He is disgusting.”

Mr Kidd is appealing the leniency of the sentence handed to Forrest and said that of the £500 compensation, £250 will refund what he shelled out on his insurance policy excess for the damage to his car.

He said: “It was a near death experience and I keep reliving it. It has completely changed me, I cry whenever I think about it. I just want to go back to normal.”