Carronshore bride-to-be thanks rescuers

Lucy with fiance Anthony Lattka
Lucy with fiance Anthony Lattka

A bride-to-be rescued from a freezing cold burn just weeks before her wedding has thanked the strangers who rushed to her aid.

Twenty-five year old Lucy Tennant’s car plunged 12 feet down the Pow Burn on Airth’s Moss Road after skidding in wet conditions while she was on her way to work on August 21.

The car landed on its roof, trapping Lucy between the car and the side of the burn.

Now, thanks to last week’s Falkirk Herald, Lucy has had the chance to thank the people who helped her.

She said: “What they did was really unbelievable.

“I tried putting something on Facebook to thank them, but didn’t find anyone.

“I’m so grateful, and my mum is so grateful people would do this for me.

“It just shows you there are nice people out there.”

Lucy, from Carronshore, and fiance Anthony Lattka will wed on September 12 at Airth Castle.