Carrongrove hydropower station generating electricity

Councillor Craig R Martin
Councillor Craig R Martin

After five years of development and one year construction, the latest Hydropower station at Carrongrove, has started generating electricity.

The project is the ninth in the TLS Energy portfolio and is expected to produce a shocking 500kwh of electricity per year, enough to supply over 400 homes with energy.

TLS Energy worked with Communities along the Carron Association, the Forth Fisheries Trust and Falkirk Council who granted the planning permission to redevelop the land along the river.

A TLS Energy spokeswoman said: “The impacts on the community are positive and many residents are very pleased to see rejuvenation happening where some of them once worked in the old papermill.”

As part of the plan, TLS Hydro installed a fish pass which has allowed salmon to swim upstream, the first time in nearly 200 years they have been able to do so.

Biologist Joanna Girvan of Forth Fisheries Trust said: “We are delighted that nature can flourish in the area.

“We will be installing a counter so that we can monitor the number of salmon passing through the river Carron.”

Falkirk Council spokesperson for the Environment, Councillor Dr Craig Martin said: “Despite the recent government cuts to renewable subsidies, this project demonstrates that renewable energy is alive and well. This project will be around for the next 100 years.”