Carrongrange evacuated after lab scare

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Carrongrange School was evacuated just after 2pm today (Friday, October 21) following an unexplained science lab incident.

It meant the entire school, with a roll of 160, had to be cleared. amid fears – later found to be groundless – there had been a gas leak.

The alert was sounded after reports of a gaseous smell in the lab and Scottish Gas Network (SGN) technicians were quickly on the scene, along with a fire engine appliance.

The gas was turned off as a precaution but, said SGN spokesman Denis Kirby: “It was better to be safe than sorry, but while the incident happened in a science lab it wasn’t a gas leak”.

It’s understood staff had been concerned by an ammonia-type smell, and had raised the alarm as a precaution.

A Falkirk Council spokesman said pupils were supported throughout the evacuation, while parents and carers were alerted.

The school will reopen as usual on Monday.