Carron Sink makers strike

FALKIRK. Stenhouse Rd. Carron Works. Carron Phoenix. Staff striking.
FALKIRK. Stenhouse Rd. Carron Works. Carron Phoenix. Staff striking.
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Over 150 workers at Carron Phoenix are on strike over pay at the bath and sink manufacturer.

Members of Unite and GMB took action over concerns with the pay deal offered to staff at the iron manufacturer which has been in the village for 250 years.

Union representative, John Grant, explained: “For the past five years we have been going backwards. We were offered a pay rise of just 2.5 per cent - that is far lower than inflation as well as a bonus that is dependent on less than 3.5 per cent of workers being absent in any month.

“We don’t think that is a fair deal at all and relies on our colleagues to get just a one year bonus.

“So far, management have refused to discuss matters with us and so they have left us no option.”

None of the 155 Unison members employed at Carron Phoenix turned up for work today and the weekend workers will also strike on Saturday.

Andy Cochrane, works manager at Carron Phoenix, said: “The Carron Phoenix factory continues to be severely affected by the global recession which is particularly strong within the home improvement market. This has resulted in redundancies over the last two years as well as during the past six months as demand for kitchen sinks has decreased.

“Despite this, the company believes that offering a pay increase package of 2.5% with an additional 0.5% bonus structure is an extremely good offer and is significantly in line with the published average pay indices.

“With the majority of employees (totalling unionised and non - unionised) not wishing to be on strike, the business will remain open and attempt to support its customers with the available resource.”