Caring for a cat called Kismet

Kismet is a young-at-heart mature female whose owner had to go into care - and who now really needs a new loving home.

She has an unusual fur pattern, with tabby markings on her lower body and a large black stripe down her back.

Kismet is confident, loves sitting with you, doesn’t mind being picked up and even plays with her mouse on a string like a kitten.

A spokesperson for Cat Protection said: “She had been very well looked after, with regular vaccinations and check-ups, and after getting some dental work, is now ready to go to her new home, where she will settle in quickly and make a lovely affectionate pet, if the short time with her fosterer is anything to go by.

“She needs to be able to get outside if she wants, and may take to another cat if introduced slowly - but would probably benefit from being the only animal in the house”.

If you would like to offer Kismet her forever home contact Cat Protection on 01506 298107 or fill out the Contact-us form at