Car flipped over during collision near Avonbridge

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The occupants of two cars were lucky to escape serious injury after a collision at the crossroads near Hyndford Boarding Kennels, Avonbridge, yesterday.

One car - reportedly with with male driver, a pregnant woman and children - was overturned, while the other crashed into a tree.

Emergency services were said to be quickly on the scene.

Anyone who witnessed the incident, which happened around 4.30pm, should contact police via 101.

A driver later commented: “This road has witnessed several accidents recently - it’s felt there are inadequate warnings before the junction, driving up the B8022.

“There is a large Give Way sign before the junction but there is a lack of road markings.

“These roads are frequently used by large freight vehicles, but also by horses due to the number of stables nearby.

“Would it not be sensible to improve warnings and introduce a lower speed limit in this accident blackspot?”