Captain Danny aims for a clean sweep at ‘cold, mouldy, disgusting’ facilities

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A Bonnybridge youth team has launched a community fundraising bid to transform decrepit old changing facilities at Jennys Park.

Fed up with tatty and depressing amenities the captain of Bonnybridge YFC 2001 had the bright idea of enlisting community help.

Local lad Danny Noble (16) (pictured) started a Gofundme page to see whether anyone would be prepared to help out, and raised £315 in just four days.

Several local people have said how much they admire the team’s enterprise.

Danny told the Falkirk Herald: “We know money is tight, but these changing rooms haven’t had anything much done for maybe 20 years.

“It’s embarrassing when you want to bring visiting teams to the area, because when they see what’s on offer it’s hardly the best kind of welcome.”

When he lauhched his appeal Danny pointed out that if everyone in the area chipped in £1 they would have a fund of around £7,000 to lavish on bright, modern new amenities.

However even £1,000 would make a dramatic difference, he reckons, and the campaign is already nearly a third of the way there.

Danny says he realises many people have little cash to spare, but every penny raised will help to make a difference.

On the Gofundme page Danny spells out just why the changing rooms needs to be changed:

“It’s hard for us as a team coming in to these cold, mouldy, disgusting changing rooms after a win or a loss - we can’t go for showers because the shower room is a mess, the toilets are disgusting, and the seats are old and uncomfortable.

“The first thing other teams from the Forth Valley area (or further) see when they come to BonnyBridge is a disgusting old building that’s falling apart.

“As a team we are looking for kind, generous people to donate to help us re decorate our changing rooms. Please help your local team.”

The link to his appeal is at /