Candidates chosen to fight Falkirk seats

Voting takes place on May 5
Voting takes place on May 5

THE CANDIDATES hoping to be the next MSPs representing the Falkirk area have been revealed.

Nominations for the Scottish Parliamentary elections, which take place on May 5, have closed.

The four main parties are all contesting both Falkirk West and Falkirk East constituencies.

In Falkirk West, Callum Chomczuk will stand for the Liberal Democrats, Allan Finnie for the Conservatives, Dennis Goldie for Labour and Michael Matheson for the Scottish National Party.

Falkirk East will see Ross Laird as the Liberal Democrat contender, Angus MacDonald for the SNP, Lynn Munro for the Conservaties and Cathy Peattie for Labour.

Falkirk West is seen as key seat by many with some political insiders even predicting that, if Labour can overturn Mr Matheson’s 776 majority, it will take control of the country.

A total of 74 candidates from 14 political parties will also be standing in a bid to be among the seven list MSPs representing Central Scotland.

They are All Scotland Pensioners Party, British National Party, The Christian Party, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, Scottish Green Party, Scottish Homeland Party, Scottish Labour Party, Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party, Scottish Unionist Party, Socialist Labour Party, Solidarity and UK Independence Party.

Hugh O’Donnell, who until last weekend was top of the Liberal Democrats’ list, is now standing as an independent candidate.

The polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. on Thursday, May 5.

Votes for the Falkirk West and Falkirk East constituency will take place at Grangemouth Sports Complex immediately after the polls close with the results expected around 6 a.m.