Campaigning supermodel urges others to help her ‘pass it on’ ....

Supermodel Eunice Olumide supports Pass it on Week
Supermodel Eunice Olumide supports Pass it on Week

There’s one Scottish supermodel who wants people to stop and think before rushing out to buy more clothes.

Eunice Olumide is urging people in Scotland to ‘pass it on’ this March – and help the planet.

The model and TV presenter hosted her own ‘swap shop’ this week to inpire others to follow her example during Pass it On Week, which runs from March 5-13.

She hopes it will mean more people in Scotland will get more wear out of our clothes.

That’s because the average household in Scotland has £4,000 worth of clothes – 30% of which have been unworn for at least a year – yet each household continues to spend an average of £1,700 every year on new clothes.

Campaigning charity Zero Waste Scotland says that if everyone in Scotland wore their clothes just three months longer – our carbon, water and waste footprints would be reduced by 5 – 10%.

The aim of Pass it On Week is to encourage people to hold their own swap shops, bring and buys, repair or upcycling workshops or car boot sales.

Schools, colleges, workplaces and individuals are all encouraged to sign up.

Eunice said: “We need as many people in Scotland as possible to gather up their unused or unwanted clothing, books, toys, furniture and electrical equipment – and swap, share, re-use or upcycle their way to a greener planet this Pass it On Week!

“This is a fun campaign with a serious message. It is a brilliant way of uniting people throughout Scotland in a national event, run at a local level, and enables all of us to do our bit in the move towards a zero waste society.

“I’m very proud to be able to support Zero Waste Scotland to help get everyone in the country involved!

She added:“Signing up to run your own Pass it On Week event wherever you are in Scotland is easy to do – and you don’t need loads of organisational skills, time or money to do so!

“It’s a great chance to declutter your home, grab a bargain, have some fun and help reduce waste and help the planet at the same time.”