Campaign to get gas installed in Braes village

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A resident from a rural community has started a campaign to get a gas connection installed in the village to service homes cheaper.

The only snag is that it will cost those who want it nearly £3000 and 59 households must sign up for it to happen. The idea is being championed by IT worker Haseeb Akhtar (29) who wants gas for homes as a cheaper alternative to just having electric, which powers homes at the moment, or alternatives like LPG gas.

The 29-year-old has spent hours researching similar projects and has been given prices from British Gas that would get it off the ground.

He has also created a website for his California Gas Infill Project with all information residents need as well as details about loans and grants.

There is a scheme called Help To Heat which provides financial assistance up to over £2000 to people who meets the criteria. For more information visit

Haseeb said: “It’s shocking that in this day and age this village doesn’t have mains gas.”