Campaign’s begun to save the day

Emma Reddie is Grangemouth Children's Day Queen elect for 2012
Emma Reddie is Grangemouth Children's Day Queen elect for 2012
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The campaign to save a 100-year-old gala day is now relying on a combination of 21st century social networking and good old fashioned fund-raising.

Grangemouth Children’s Day has been a popular annual event in the town since the dawn of the 1900s, but a lack of funds has put the future of the traditional day in jeopardy.

Earlier this month Children’s Day committee secretary Violet Cook admitted Children’s Day had no future beyond Saturday, June 23, 2012, unless funds were raised quickly.

She said: “We’ve had bad weather three out of the last four years and that, together with a lack of funding, has left us in this position. The Children’s Day will definitely go ahead this year, but if we don’t start raising funds right away then it will not happen in 2013.”

Residents and businesses have responded to the call for help, using popular web-based social network sites to drum up support.

Stephen Mathew is a member of the Save Grangemouth Children’s Day Facebook group, which was set up with the express purpose of looking at ways to raise as much cash as possible for the big day - which can cost up to £17,000 to put on each year.

Mr Mathew said: “The Facebook group was set up about 10 weeks ago after we heard about the possible demise of the Grangemouth Children’s Day. Through our Facebook page we got our members to nominate Grangemouth Children’s Day as one of Asda’s community charities and the event is currently in the lead in their token poll to receive support and money.

“One of the things we are doing is a sponsored walk within Grangemouth on Saturday, visiting all the sites of the schools that have taken part in the Children’s Day over the last 106 years.

“This is due to start at Dalgrain Park at 11 a.m. and we have around 70 participants so far.”

Other events include a race night which raised £400 last month, a bingo night in the town’s Mahratta earlier this week, another race night in Lodge Zeltand on June 8, a bag pack at Asda Grangemouth on June 16 followed by an Abba tribute night at Bowhouse Community Centre which has already sold 230 tickets.

Mr Mathew said: “These events have been organised by group members to help save the day and is a fantastic example of social networking doing positive things in the community.”

Every year organisers send out 10,000 envelopes to Grangemouth residents looking for a small donation for the event.

Mrs Cook said: “If everyone put in just £1 we would have £10,000. It’s a small price to pay for an event that youngsters will remember for the rest of their lives.”