Camelon sessions make positive difference

Baby massage can make a real diffence to the relationship between parent and child
Baby massage can make a real diffence to the relationship between parent and child

The emotional and practical benefits of baby massage can make a real difference to the relationship between parent and child.

According to Aberlour Childcare Trust, which runs infant massage classes every Monday morning in Camelon Medical Practice, the lifelong bond between parent and child can be strengthened at an early age through the simplest caring touch.

The importance of the classes was called into question at a recent Falkirk Council scrutiny committee, but to organisers and the parents and children who attend the classes there is no doubt how vital they are.

Liz Nolan, Aberlour Childcare Trust area manager, said: “This is something that can really support the attachment and bonding process between the parent and child, something which can be taken away and used in the home.”

There are practical benefits to the child as well, with massage proven to ease constipation, reduce mucus that can build up with colds and alleviate skin dryness.

Fran Stewart learned baby massage techniques a decade ago with her oldest daughter and is now brushing up on her skills with seven-month-old Emma.

She said: “Its a social thing for the mum and for the babies too because they like to get a look at each other.”

Elaine Reid and 10-week-old son Fraser were attending their second session and had already gained some practical use from the class, with mum using her new skills to effectively relieve Fraser’s trapped wind.

She said: “You can share concerns when your baby has issues. I think Fraser likes it as well, it’s relaxing for him.

‘‘It’s made a real difference to us.”

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