Camelon’s Scott creates a body of work

Scott Lister from Camelon models with Bombshell Management
Scott Lister from Camelon models with Bombshell Management

Most people would revel in the freebies that come from working for a pie maker, but not Scott Lister.

Scott (38) is a bodybuilder and has turned his love of working out at the gym into a career, signing with a fitness modelling agency.

As a result, he doesn’t take advantage of his position as assistant operations manager with Ginsters.

Scott, from Camelon, said: “Lots of people think to get fit you just need to work out, but in reality what you eat plays a bigger part.

“I have to be really careful with my diet, so prepare all my meals the night before and avoid alcohol and processed foods.”

Scott has been working on his physique for the last 12 years, spending 15 hours every week at the gym. But he never dreamed he’d one day be signed to an agency. He was approached by Bombshell Management’s head booker Amanda Penman, who also trains at Shipshape gym in West Bridge Street, and asked to consider having some test shots taken.

Scott said: “I work hard at the gym, but I never thought I could model. I’m quite shy and don’t think I’m anything special, but once I got used to the idea of being in front of the camera I decided to go for it.”

Scott’s photos impressed the Falkirk agency and they signed him, hoping to promote him to bodybuilding magazines and promotional work.

Head booker Amanda said: “We have high hopes for Scott, he has the body to be doing the big magazines and has a great attitude and work ethos.

“I met Scott at Shipshape and his advice helped me lose four stones. He really knows his stuff.”

In addition to spending six nights a week in the gym, Scott works for 55 hours a week with Ginsters in Bainsford.

Scott said: “Fitting everything in can be difficult and doesn’t leave much time for anything else, but I get such a buzz from working out and seeing improvements in my body. It’s worth the small sacrifices.”

Bombshell Management is based at Falkirk’s Business Hub and is currently recruiting experienced fitness and promotional models. Visit Bombshell Management’s Facebook page for information.

Owner of Shipshape in Falkirk, qualified personal trainer and Mr Scotland 1992 Kenny Morris shares advice for budding body builders.

Find an expert - body building is a difficult thing to do and you need good advice from someone qualified on the subject. Joining a gym with decent weight facilities is also important.

Dedicate yourself - you will need to put in the hours at the gym and watch your diet to see results.

Be realistic with your goals - getting an ideal physique can take years, but you can see big changes in just 6-12 months. Set yourself regular targets instead of focussing on the end goal.

The internet can be your best tool, or your worst - there is a lot of bad information online as well as some great sites. Don’t believe everything you read online.

Rest adequately - you can’t train every single day, your body needs rest periods.