Camelon Mariner meets Brad

Steven McMenemy meets  Brad Pitt and Captain Kehoe on board the Argus
Steven McMenemy meets Brad Pitt and Captain Kehoe on board the Argus
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Movie superstar Brad Pitt caused a stir in Grangemouth last month filming near the oil refinery.

But a Camelon ship’s navigator stole a march on the rest of us, acting as host when the Hollywood hunk and his film crew arrived on board Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship Argus to shoot scenes for his zombie disaster movie ‘World War Z’,

Steve McMenemy (31) took a break from his duties to act as liaison as the Argus played the part of USS Madison, a helicopter carrier, for the film.

The Ministry of Defence gave Paramount Pictures the thumbs-up to film on the aviation training ship near Portland Bill in Dorset after it returned from an anti-piracy patrol.

Steve a former pupil of St Mungo’s High School, said: “The highlight must be sharing daily banter with director Marc Forster, as I had a seat right next to him on every scene. But it wasn’t too shabby meeting Brad Pitt and the rest of the actors.

“There was a stir when Brad appeared on board and started filming, but the bizarre thing was that once he’d walked by a few times everyone got blasé about it and he was just another actor walking back and forth.

“Film company helicopters were flown by two of Hollywood’s best stunt pilots. Although the ship’s staff are used to helicopter operations, some of the manoeuvres were breathtaking.”

Steve, who joined fleet auxiliary in 1998, arranged for his captain to meet Brad Pitt ahead of his retirement when the movie star was presented with the ship’s crest as a souvenir.

The auxiliary is a civilian-manned fleet owned by the MoD which supports the Royal Navy and Marines at sea and carries out anti-piracy patrols across the globe and anti-narcotic patrols in the Caribbean and North Atlantic.