Camelon derelict site causes concern

The derelict site is in a dangerous condition
The derelict site is in a dangerous condition
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A hire drive company has come under fire for leaving a building a potential deathtrap.

Corrugated metal roof panels dangles dangerously and electric cable hang loose from walls. Rubbish lies in piles across the site.

Until recently, Mitchells Hire Drive used the building, which is on the corner of Brown Street and Coffin Lane in Camelon, to store vehicles.

However, it has now pulled out of the district, closing down its office in nearby Glasgow Road.

However, Councillor Gerry Goldie has said to walk away and leave the building in such a dangerous condition was “irresponsible”.

After being contacted by The Falkirk Herald, Falkirk Council officials have now carried out a survey of the building and plan to issue a statutory notice to order the owners, listed on its records as Mitchells, to carry out remedial work.

The building has been used by a number of companies over the years and is directly across from Carmuirs Primary School.

Mr Goldie said: “Hopefully after the visit by our officers the building will be made secure and safe for members of the public, particularly children.

“This is opposite a school and there is no doubt that youngsters would be attracted to it. But with roof panels hanging perilously and wires, which hopefully are not live, dangling, this has the potential to be a deathtrap.”

A spokeswoman for Falkirk Council said: “We had previously written to the owners after loose flashings were brought to our attention and asked them what they were going to do about it.

“At that time, the problem was not considered immediate but following concerns being raised, our surveyors are going back out to re-inspect the premises. We will then take any action required.”

This week, a van with a smashed windscreen was taken away from the site on a low loader.

A spokesman for Mitchells said he didn’t think the company still owned the building but this would be checked out.