Camelon clan’s haircuts are good news for charity

Urbanczyk family Louis, Heather and Alex
Urbanczyk family Louis, Heather and Alex
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A Camelon family turned hair-raising into fundraising when they went for the chop.

Heather Urbanczyk and sons Louis (22) and Alex (19) have all donated their locks to the Little Princess Trust.

Mum Heather, who works in the office at Dunipace Primary, said: “It started back in November when Louis decided he was going to get his long hair cut.

“I told him he shouldn’t let it go to waste, so he went online and found out about the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children with cancer and alopecia.”

Louis sent his 16-inch pony tail to the charity and received a certificate of thanks.

Heather (51) said: “I hadn’t had my hair cut for over six years so I decided to go for it as well and managed to send off 18 inches

“As Alex’s hair was so long - he had 27 inches to get cut off - he decided to collect some sponsorship for it too and raised over £200 for the charity.

“The last time he’d had his hair cut was when he was in primary seven!”

Heather, married to Frank, a teacher at Larbert High, said: “Losing our hair has been quite a shock to all of us.

“But we’re hoping that by doing this we’ve not only helped the charity by sending them the hair but also by raising awareness of what they do.

“I’d never heard of them until Louis found them online, and there are bound to be other people who would like to do a similar thing.”