Camelon chip shop was ‘minutes’ from being wiped out by blaze

Popular Camelon chip shop Lemetti’s was minutes away from being completely gutted by last night’s blaze.

Saturday, 5th October 2019, 11:49 am

The fire is thought to have started in the ventilation system.

Management and staff at the popular outlet have since voiced their heartfelt thanks for the support shown by local people after the emergency.

Firefighters were quickly on the scene after the alert was sounded at around 6.45pm, and according to Lemetti’s saved the shop through their quick and efficient action.

Two people were treated by ambulance crew, but did not have to go to hospital.

In a social media message Lemetti’s spoke of the “terrible night” that began as a normal Friday evening, when people were dropping by as usual to get their teatime favourites.

Then, says Lemetti’s, a strange sound started in the ventilation in the fryer.

Staff checked the generator, which had started smoking inside the shop, while a thick black smoke started to come from the outside ventilation.

The shop’s management added: “All pans and equipment where switched off to the best of our ability in the time we had and the staff all cleared out along with customers.

“Thanks to the quick response of the fire brigade the fire had been contained in the ventilation system”.

Another fire appliance arrived to tackle the blaze with water directed from above.

The verdict from Lemetti’s on the extent of the damage is that it could have been much worse, but it isn’t clear how much work will be needed before the shop can reopen.

Lemetti’s added: “We have been inside since the fire brigade has left and we are very lucky at the damage we have been left with.

“The fire brigade have said we were minutes away from not having a shop to come back to”.

Commenting on the aftermath of the “massive shock” of the blaze, Lemetti’s added: “I would just like to take the opportunity to thank every person who has taken the time to message us on here and our private pages through text and messenger it all.

“You have kept us strong. I can only begin to thank the people who stopped who offered us coats, stopped to check if we were okay and offered us anything.

“We have been open three and a half years, and never did I imagine to have the amount of genuinely thoughtful people care enough to come down and see us all.

“From myself and Dylan we thank youy from the bottom of our hearts and thank you for looking after us and our staff - it means everything❤”.

The shop says it will pass on further details as soon as they are able to provide information.