Call centre staff are heroes to children

CAMELON. Action for Children respite centre. Staff from Hero TSC take part in community project to tidy up garden.
CAMELON. Action for Children respite centre. Staff from Hero TSC take part in community project to tidy up garden.

KIND-HEARTED call centre staff turned their backs on the phones for a day and picked up a different set of equipment.

A group from HEROtsc in Larbert headed to a respite care home for children who are disabled or have learning difficulties.

Tayavalla, which is run by Action4Children in Brown Street, Camelon, provides welcome breaks for the youngsters’ families.

Armed with paint, brushes and a variety of gardening equipment, the HEROtsc team spent a full day freshening up the place and tidying some of the gardens.

As part of the its corporate social responsibility objectives, HEROtsc, the UK’s fourth-largest contact centre company, encourages staff in all its eight sites across the country to use paid time off to take part in voluntary projects in their communities.

Gareth Greene, a team leader in Larbert, was the organiser of the HEROtsc clean-up squad and took part along with Sky account director Anton Manley, team leaders Darren Johnstone and agents Danielle Swinney, Katrina Lambie, Jacqueline Lusk, Angela Moore and Helen Hunter.

Tayavalla is a small purpose-built home and is open all year round to offer residential short breaks and family support for children and young people who have complex learning and physical disabilities.

During their stay, children and young people are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities, including arts and crafts, sensory stories, walks to local parks, picnics, computer time, music sessions and spending time in the sensory room. Gareth said: “There is no doubt the Action4Children home does a fantastic job. Everyone agrees the facilities they have and the respite they provide are vitally important to the community so it seemed the perfect place to offer our services.

“And, as they explained to us, the project is fortunate to have such good facilities but they find it hard to allocate a budget to all the maintenance required – especially out of doors. So we did what we could – a variety of painting jobs, including the fence and summer house, and a general garden cutback and tidy up.

“A hard day’s shift? Definitely! Worthwhile? Absolutely!”

Praising the efforts of his Larbert team – and promising more of the same – David Turner, HEROtsc’s chief executive officer, said: “Action4Children provides a vital service to the local community and anything that can be done to assist their operation is a worthwhile project.

“Thanks to the members of our Larbert team for all they did. They have set their colleagues a fine example and I look forward to other similar projects in the future.”