California pensioner’s savings stolen

Falkirk Sheriff Court
Falkirk Sheriff Court

A callous thief who robbed a 90-year-old woman of her savings has been jailed.

Carol McKinlay befriended the woman before using her bank card to get goods and cash valued at £2000 over a 15-month period.

Last Thursday, the first offender was jailed for four months at Falkirk Sheriff Court.

Weeping as she was led to the cells, the mother-of-one was told by Sheriff William Gallacher that her actions had been a “wanton act of selfishness”.

She had previously admitted using the bank card without authority on several occasions between February 28, 2011 and May 8, 2012 at Tesco Redding, Morrisons supermarket in Falkirk, online at Amazon and at several ATM machines to steal the cash.

Defence solicitor Lynn Swan said once McKinlay started taking the money “she found it difficult to get out of the hole she had dug herself into”.

McKinlay (37) had been living in California at the time of the offence, but the court heard that her family fled the village after a backlash from the close-knit community.