Wages in Falkirk rise by just £1.50 over a year

Figures show workers' wages have stagnated. Picture: Michael Gillen (140234)
Figures show workers' wages have stagnated. Picture: Michael Gillen (140234)

While the rest of the UK is enjoying a post recession boom in wages, residents in Falkirk have seen theirs stagnate or fall behind.

In 2013 the median gross weekly pay packet rose to £507.20 compared to £477.40 the year before.

However, according to figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), full-time workers living in the Falkirk district in 2014 earned an average of £508.70 per week – a jump of just £1.50 – whereas a survey by jobs website Adzuna showed wages in northern England went up 11.6 per cent.

Last year’s Ineos dispute, which led to workers agreeing a reduced salary, lowered the local median wage figures.

The ONS statistics also show that Falkirk men still earn more than women with average wages of £538 and £450 respectively.

The figures are not an accurate reflection on what many Falkirk residents will earn as a high number will not be bringing in over £500 per week, they are used to give an indication as to how well the local economy is performing.

Lorna Binnie, who chairs Falkirk Trades Union Council, said: “While these figures are interesting, we must concentrate on how we can pull up the least well off in our communities. Making sure employers pay the living wage would be a good starting point.

“The fact wages have risen so little when families have large increases in weekly bills is also worrying. The figures also highlight the gap that still exists between the earnings of men and women. That is a nonsense in this day and age.”