Training will help recognise needs

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Bus drivers will learn more about the particular needs of deaf and blind passengers at a training session organised by local operators First Midland Bluebird and Forth Valley Sensory Centre in Camelon next Thursday.

The aim is to give them an insight into the issues these customers face and help make their journey a more enjoyable experience.

Drivers will be issued with special ‘simulation glasses’ which will give them an idea about how poor eyesight impacts people and headphones that will reduce their hearing and encourage them to try and lip read.

Operations manager Jason Hackett said: “We have a number of measures in place already to assist disabled customers whether they have a sensory loss or not, but want our drivers to understand how difficult it can be for some people to do things others take for granted.”

Sensory centre manager Jacquie Winning (pictured) said: “It’s great First Midland Bluebird is continuing to educate and train staff.”