Town is about lose its last remaining bank

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Residents face the prospect of having no banks in their town after Lloyds Banking Group announced its latest raft of branch closures.

The premises in Glasgow Road, Denny looks to be going the way of the Clydesdale Bank in Duke Street, which shut for good back in 2015, as Lloyds released details of 49 branches – including 11 in Scotland – earmarked for closure next year at a loss of almost 100 jobs.

The bank said the closures reflected changing customer behaviour and the declining number of transactions being made in branches.

Falkirk John McNally MP said: “It beggars belief that BoS has made the decision to leave a town without a bank. The people of Denny have been loyal customers for many years and this is how they are repaid. There is now not only no bank in the area – but only one cash point.

“How are the elderly and infirm members of the community supposed to cope? What about local businesses? This move has ripped a hole in the community and created a situation where people will now have to travel to benefit from a face to face banking service.”

“My elderly mother still lives in Denny and has no access to internet banking and she can’t drive. What she and countless others are supposed to do has not been considered important enough to address. I will be following this situation closely as questions remain unanswered.”

A Bank of Scotland spokesman said: “We have made the difficult decision to close the Bank of Scotland, Denny branch on February 28. We have made this decision as the vast majority of our customers already use other branches and other ways to bank such as online and telephone banking.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and have informed customers of the closest alternative branch, which is Falkirk.”