Timber firm looking to cut 22 jobs in Grangemouth

Metsa Wood will cease operations in Grangemouth and cut 22 jobs
Metsa Wood will cease operations in Grangemouth and cut 22 jobs

A local timber firm is planning to cut 22 jobs and cease manufacturing at its Grangemouth site.

Metsa Wood, in Earls Road, made over 40 workers redundant last year due to changes in its business operations and alleged financial difficulties after the firm lost a major contract and now more posts are likely to be cut.

One employee, who did not want to be named, said: “The timber yard is being devastated by redundancies yet again, just a year after 45 people were made redundant and the people that were left were told that it would be the last time.

“Metsa Wood is making another 20 people redundant which will leave only five people to work the yard duties and a small number of office staff. There will be no production of any wood or timber-related products at all now.

“This is all coming about again because of poor higher management and no business direction from down south. Lost contracts affect the firm’s English sites. But nothing is happening to them, although it means pay-offs up here and the working being moved down there.

“It won’t be long before this business is finally closed down for good.”

A Metsa Wood spokesman said: “A rationalisation of the production facilities of Metsa Wood UK is likely to result in the cessation of manufacturing activities at its Grangemouth site.

“The site would continue to operate as a key distribution hub. This process is under review and employees likely to be affected by such a move are currently involved in a consultation process.

“The development is part of a strategic review of all the company’s operations within the UK which will maximise efficiency across all products and departments. The objective is to improve profitability and to further strengthen the company’s position for sustained growth in a challenging market place.

“The proposal is to cease all production at Grangemouth, whilst retaining a distribution hub which will be key to ongoing UK operations. Should the proposal go ahead it would result in the loss of approximately 20 to 22 job roles from Operations at the site.

“The production capacity of the Grangemouth operation will be relocated to the company’s plants in Boston, Widnes and Kings Lynn. Grangemouth will continue to operate as a key distribution hub from which Metsa Wood products will be supplied to customers in Scotland and the North of England and a team will continue to be employed at the site to facilitate this process.

“A thorough consultation process is under way and no final decisions have been taken. At the current time, the company anticipates that it will be in a position to confirm the result of consultation in December.”