There’s a whole new world at Grangemouth Post Office

A post office has removed glass screens from its counters as it looks forward to a friendly face-to-face 

Grangemouth’s main branch was closed at the start of February to undergo major refurbishment. Part of the UK Government’s initiative to modernise post offices around the country, the work has accomplished just that for the York Lane premises.

Postmaster and owner Alan Brown said: “We now have two ‘fortress’ positions and two open plan serving positions which create a friendly approachable feeling for customers. Everyone seems to be impressed with the new look.”

Now open from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. six days-a-week, including Saturdays, it is not just the layout which has changed, with Alan and his staff able to offer a lot more services and sell a wider variety of items than you would normally associate with a local post office.

Alan said: “A post office is still an essential part of the community, but times are changing and we have to change with them. We are about a lot more than just stamps these days.

“You can save with the post office and even buy your phone services from us.”

And thanks to its AEI machine, the post office can digitally renew driving licences and renew security and safety licences required in various professions.

“It’s one of the services we offer,” said Alan. “I think we have just scratched the surface of what we can do.”

As well as stationery, the post office sells a range of mugs with stamp designs on them, books for children and bags from J’Accessorize, giving that local business a boost and also changing people’s expectations about what they can purchase from a post office.

Alan said: “The retail side of things now has to go hand in hand with the post office business.”