Shale gas has a part to play now

Lord Chris Smith
Lord Chris Smith

The Task Force on Shale Gas released its latest report and findings suggest shale will have a role in securing the future of industry.

Fracking for shale gas is a controversial subject, but the task force’s new report concludes that shale will be a major source of energy for the country over the next few decades.

Task force chairman Lord Chris Smith said: “The UK will only meet its binding climate commitments by moving in the long term to renewable and low carbon energy sources.

“Nonetheless, from the evidence it is apparent renewables cannot meet the UK’s short term energy needs. Gas must play a role over the medium term. The relative climate impact of shale gas is similar to that of conventional gas and less than that of liquefied natural gas. It is also much better than coal.

“Gas will be needed for several decades to come.”

The task force launched a year ago to give careful consideration to public concerns and to provide an impartial and transparent assessment of the potential benefits and risks of shale gas extraction to the UK.

It will publish its final report in December, along with its final recommendations.

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