Royal Mail apologises after deliveries are posted missing in Falkirk

Royal Mail has apologised for its recent poor service in the Falkirk district
Royal Mail has apologised for its recent poor service in the Falkirk district

Royal Mail has apologised to customers in the Falkirk district following a spate of late deliveries of letters and parcels.

Several readers have contacted The Falkirk Herald in recent weeks to complain that they were regularly missed out on deliveries or were not receiving mail until as late as 8 p.m.

One, a former postman from Falkirk, who asked not to be named, said: “I’ve spoken to former colleagues and they say they just don’t have the staff at the moment.

“Some days my street is missed altogether and other times it’s mid-evening before the mail arrives.”

Royal Mail, which was recently privatised by the Government, this week admitted that it had faced staffing problems in Falkirk.

It said extra staff were being drafted in and new employees had been hired.

The Falkirk Herald has been contacted by residents from Bainsford, Hallglen and Grangemouth reporting problems they’ve encountered with Royal Mail in recent months.

One said: “We are lucky to get mail once a week and any time we do, it always has stickers on it saying the postman could not gain entry to the building to deliver - but my wife is on maternity leave so six days out of seven someone is in the house.

“We even see the post cart sitting in our street, but the postman never comes near.

“Over the past few months the service has got worse and worse and something really needs done about it.”

Royal Mail spokeswoman Jennifer Bird said: “Royal Mail apologises to customers who have been experiencing late deliveries in some areas of Falkirk recently.

“This has been due to unusually high levels of sick absence over the past number of weeks.

“We have put contingency plans in place, which include drafting in extra resource and employing new staff, to resolve the matter as quickly as we possibly can and to restore our service to the high standards our customers would normally receive.

“Any customer who has concerns about their mail delivery should contact Royal Mail Customer Services on 08457 740 740.”