Redding ice cream artist heading on UK tour

Kyle Gentleman, ICE Redding Falkirk, ice cream shop is going on tour with Strongbow after making Dark Fruit cider ice cream
Kyle Gentleman, ICE Redding Falkirk, ice cream shop is going on tour with Strongbow after making Dark Fruit cider ice cream

He’s already been to the Isle of Wight, now ice cream man Kyle 
Gentleman is ready to extend the tour of his unique brands of chilled dessert this week and keep Britain cool.

It’s certainly been weather worthy of a cool cone, and Gentleman is not only ready to open another store in the Falkirk area, he’s heading out on tour with Strongbow to let three cities taste his Dark Fruit flavour.

Gentleman (27) shot to fame a year ago with his blend of the alcoholic cider and ice cream at his ICE shop in Redding.

And having collaborated with the drinks giant he’s ready to take Strongbow Dark Fruit around the country.

Where he goes though is up to you with votes cast here deciding which three cities he visits next weekend.

He explained: “We’re having an online vote – I’ve been hoping for Edinburgh and Glasgow myself, that’d be cool, but we’ll see where it takes us.

“I’ve already been on tour with Strongbow – I was there with them at the Isle of Wight festival which was fantastic.

“We handed out more than 4000 portions of the Strongbow Dark Fruiot ice cream and everyone loved it – the feedback was brilliant.”

It’s been a whirlwind year for Gentleman since he produced the Strongbow flavour to accompany other ‘adult’ ice creams at ICE in Wholequarter Avenue.

He’s now teamed up with the cider maker to collaborate full-time and is investigating other ice cream ideas after a trip to Italy.

“It was amazing to see what they do over there, and it’s certainly given me ideas.

“I’m really grateful to Strongbow for collaborating and working with me – they could easily have seen the idea and just gone on their own, but they’ve worked with me and kept me involved and I’ve loved it.

“It’s been a really surreal year – but a successful one too.

“There is no real secret, it’s just a really refreshing flavour that people really enjoy – it’s done well in Falkirk and Scotland and now others are getting to enjoy it too.

“It’s been a brilliant summer so far for the ice cream business!”

As the heatwave sets to continue, Strongbow is asking fans to vote for the towns and cities the tour and the Strongbow Landrover should visit.

Emma Sherwood-Smith, cider director for Strongbow said “How could we ignore millions of people asking to try Strongbow Dark Fruit ice cream? So we had a brainwave of our own – let’s just make it happen! We set to work on an epic ice cream truck and Kyle started making gallons of it ready for the fans.”