Polmont physio learned from personal experience

Stewart Scott
Stewart Scott
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A top physiotherapist used his expertise to help a very special client ... himself.

Stewart Scott (45) has worked with Dundee United and Falkirk football clubs and large companies, but perhaps the most impressive feat of his career so far was helping himself recover from a crippling injury that could have disabled him for life.

The Brightons man, who recently opened a treatment room in Polmont’s Haypark Business Centre, said: “Ten years ago I was thrown into the air when my fishing boat hit a wake. When I landed I was in immense pain - the force of the impact had caused a disc in my back to completely pop out.

He was in agony for months, unable to get out of bed and walk, never mind treat a patient. After spinal surgery to trim the disc he faced a long and painful recovery.

He said: “I came up with my own rehabilitation plan and, thanks to the exercises I devised, along with core-strengthening Pilates work, I was back treating patients three months later.”

Stewart, who has also helped dancers from the Scottish Dance Theatre and world-renowned Rambert Dance Company, said the treatment gave him an insight into his what his clients go through.

“Facing the prospect of being disabled for the rest of my life gave me a better understanding. I now know, first-hand, how an injury - whether it’s a niggle or potentially crippling - affects your whole life.

“It gave me the drive and determination to learn as much as possible so that I can get to the root of people’s problems.”

A graduate of Glasgow Caledonian University, Stewart has studied the latest physiotherapy techniques at Curtain University in Australia and spent a year flying to Ottawa every month to study with the world-leading Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

He said: “The techniques I use are very physical – and physically demanding. It’s manual therapy which focuses on how the body moves and functions and how the body accommodates dysfunction.

“It’s not just about looking at the cause of pain but the mechanics of it as often the area of pain isn’t where the problem lies..

“The best advice I can give people is listen to your body. If a pain develops, stop and get treated. Sorting out small issues before they become big problems will help you reach your goals and on the path to a fit and healthy life.”