Playing chicken with the ‘hottest pie in the world’ in Bonnybridge

It’s claimed to be the hottest pie produced anywhere in the world and reduced many of those brave enough to try it to tears.

But even the fact that each individual pastry contains phaal curry – the hottest on the market – and a generous serving of mixed chillies wasn’t enough to put off dozens of eager participants from trying the spicy concoction this week.

Alan Stuart of Stuart's of Buckhaven with Paddy Brereton and James Allison, both from Bonnybridge

Alan Stuart of Stuart's of Buckhaven with Paddy Brereton and James Allison, both from Bonnybridge

The ‘Fiery Pie’, produced by award-winning bakers Stuart’s of Buckhaven, has gone on sale at Scotmid branches in the Falkirk area after causing a sensation at other stores across the country.

A mixture of chicken breast, tomatoes, chillies and the notoriously hot phaal curry, there’s no doubting the snack’s spice credentials.

But can it deliver the heat punch that its makers claim?

The Falkirk Herald visited Scotmid in Bonnybridge this week to find out.

There was only one problem – none of the shop’s staff wanted to take a bite of the firey pie.

“I tried it when I went on a tour of the Stuart’s bakery and once was enough,” said store manager Juliet Blue.

Thankfully, two brave members of the public agreed to sample the dish.

Paddy Brereton (62), from Bonnybridge, managed a quarter of one pie before stopping and quickly reaching for a can of Irn-Bru. “It’s definitely the spiciest thing I’ve ever eaten,” he said.

There was no such problems for fellow Bonnybridge resident James Allison (43), who polished off a whole fiery pie.

“I like spicy food – but this is really top notch,” he said.

They were joined in the challenge by Alan Stuart, the pie’s creator, who revealed an unlikely inspiration.

“It was an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ that got me thinking about making such a hot pie,” said the bakery owner. “Homer visits a chilli cook-off and tries a chilli so hot that he needs to coat his tongue in wax to finish it.

“Our pie isn’t quite that hot, but I have seen people run out the door after trying it.

“It’s made with quality ingredients. Some people don’t even find it that hot, and have managed to eat two in one sitting – not that I could.”