Plans to upgrade historic Callendar House car park

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Falkirk Community Trust hopes an upgrade to the car park of its historic Callendar House will result in even more visitors attending the attraction in 2019.

The trust has applied to Falkirk Council to make alterations and repairs to the existing car park located in Callendar Park and increase its capacity from 57 to 78 vehicles.

According to the proposals, which could be granted from January 10, the top entrance to the car park will be closed, while the bottom entrance will be widened to allow two cars to pass.

Rhododendron and cherry laurel bushes will also be removed to restore views of Callendar House and aid “customer navigation”.

The trust also wants to open up the staff only car park at rear of the stables and create a new tarmac link route from the front of the stables to allow public access to around 30 spaces.

This will compensate for the loss of spaces in the main car parking area, which are to be removed to due to the steepness of the slope.

There are also plans to extend the Estates Avenue car park.