Planners thinking small to get more in Denny

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The long-awaited redevelopment of a run-down town centre will include more space for shops than previously planned.

The changes to the Denny regeneration project were made after Falkirk Council planners consulted community representatives.

More space will be created for smaller businesses in phase one of the scheme, which will involve building a new two-storey structure with space for retail units and a library.

This will include space for 11 shops - two more than when the plans were first revealed earlier this year.

It will be built between the south end of Stirling Street, near Denny Cross, and Davies Row.

Work on the new building will begin when the remainder of Church Walk, the dilapidated residential and commercial blocks which currently occupy the site, is demolished.

A council spokesman said that demolition work was scheduled to resume around this time next year.

Residents in Denny have been campaigning for the redevelopment of their town for several years.

It was awarded the infamous ‘Carbuncle’ award in 2010, which recognises the worst in urban planning.

Last week, Falkirk Council applied for planning permission in principle for the project.

Due to the lie of the land, the eight shops on the ground floor of the new building will only be accessible from Stirling Street, while three units and the library will be entered from Davies Row.

Previously, it was envisaged there would be a Stirling Street entrance to the library.

Raymond Murray, head of the Denny Retailers Association, said: “I’m very pleased that there will now be more space for sole traders. I still have some concerns about access, and I hope these can resolved.”