Michael muscles in on a new location

Musclebox O'Hanlon owners Michael O'Hanlon and Eileen Kirkwood
Musclebox O'Hanlon owners Michael O'Hanlon and Eileen Kirkwood

Michael O’Hanlon already knows a thing or two about bodybuilding and now he and his partner are looking to strengthen their business.

The current National Amateur Body Builders’ Association (NABBA) Mr Scotland, Michael (45) opened the latest branch of his Musclebox O’Hanlon bodybuilding and fitness supplement operation in East Bridge Street, Falkirk last week.

Michael and partner Eileen, also an experienced bodybuilder and Michael’s training partner, have been successfully running another Musclebox in Glasgow for the last four years and have now expanded the company, which sells a wide variety of proteins to help people build up muscle and also offers top diet and bodybuilding preparation advice.

Michael said: “I’ve been involved in bodybuilding since I was 15 years old. When I was at school I was this skinny guy so I started going to the gym and things just went from there.

“I won the NABBA Mr Scotland this year, 23 years after I first won it. Eileen and I both have lots of experience in the bodybuilding world, although she doesn’t compete anymore.

“It’s a good combination with her being my training partner and us running this business together too.”

The well laid out shop has a wide range of stock on display and features a striking image of the Incredible Hulk smashing through a brick wall as if it was made of tissue paper.

Visit www.facebook.com/Musclebox-Ohanlon for more information.