Jobs are out there as figures prove

Less young Scots than ever before are visiting their local job centres to claim benefits
Less young Scots than ever before are visiting their local job centres to claim benefits

The spring and summer months brought a ray of sunshine to the local jobs market leading to a fall in unemployment in the Falkirk area.

From March to May this year Scotland was the only country in the UK where unemployment actually decreased - the rate fell from 5.5 per cent to 5.6 per cent - and locally the picture is looking even brighter.

Over the period Falkirk has seen an overall drop of 30 per cent in people claiming jobseekers allowance from last year - that’s 912 fewer claims and a 38 per cent decrease in the number of 19 to 24-year-olds claiming jobseekers allowance, a drop of 270 claims.

Euan Halliday, product development manager at Falkirk DWP, said: “We have figures which are actually a bit better than the Scottish percentages and the reason may be down to introduction of Universal Credit, but it could also be the boost in the jobs market locally.

“We have First Bus and Asda recruiting for drivers, the Wheelhouse is looking for chefs and Argos is looking for staff. So there are opportunities out there for people. The figures are good and they have been consistently good for a few months now.”

In Scotland youth unemployment is at a six-year low, while youth employment is at its highest since records began and now stands at 363,000.

Minister for youth employment Annabelle Ewing said: “These figures show a growing economy and falling unemployment - both extremely encouraging indicators and signs the economic picture in Scotland is continuing to improve.

“Youth employment is one of our highest priorities and we will continue to work with employers and all other interested parties to ensure more of our young men and women get into work.”