Ineos shale fleet is under way

Jim Ratcliffe at the naming ceremony for the Ineos tanker fleet
Jim Ratcliffe at the naming ceremony for the Ineos tanker fleet

Two massive ships built to transport shale gas from the USA to Ineos in Grangemouth have now been named by the firm.

The ships, JS Ineos Insight and JS Ineos Ingenuity, are the first pair of vessels commissioned for the petrochemical company’s proposed fleet of eight tankers and marks the latest stage of Ineos’ plans to import 800,000 tonnes of shale gas a year to store in its almost complete ethane tank.

The naming ceremony took place recently in Shanghai, with Ineos chairman Jim Ratcliffe among the VIP guests.

He said: “Today is a landmark day for both Ineos and Europe. We have seen how US shale gas revolutionized US manufacturing and we believe these huge ships will help do the same for Europe.

“Ineos together with Evergas has commissioned eight brand new ships, accessed hundreds of miles of new pipeline and built two enormous terminals to get US shale gas to Europe.

“The scale of the whole project is truly breathtaking.”

Ineos believe the ships, each one the length of two football pitches, will help revolutionize the European chemicals industry by allowing the company to reduce both its feedstock costs and energy costs.