Housebuilders who went bust told to pay up

The Lyoncross estate in Dennyloanhead
The Lyoncross estate in Dennyloanhead

A couple who ran a housebuilding firm that constructed faulty homes have been ordered to pay more than £300,000 compensation to a builders watchdog.

John and Elizabeth Penman were directors of JAD Homes Ltd, the firm responsible for building the exclusive Lyoncross development in Dennyloanhead in 2005.

JAD was registered with the National House Building Council (NHBC) and all properties built were supposed to adhere to strict standards set by the organisation.

But several of the Lyoncross homes needed extensive repairs, and when JAD was placed in administration in 2008 NHBC was forced to step in and carry out work.

NHBC the sued Mr and Mrs Penman at the Court of Session in Edinburgh in a bid to recover the cash spent repairing the Lyoncross development.

In a written judgement issued on August 1, judge Lord Woolman ordered the couple to hand over £300,550.06.

He wrote: “I am satisfied there is no substansive defence to the claim.”

When contacted by The Falkirk Herald, both Mr Penman and NHBC had no comment to make due to ongoing legal proceedings.