Grangemouth hotel changes more than just its name

Grangemouth's recently refurbished Helix Hotel
Grangemouth's recently refurbished Helix Hotel

A smart name change and a major refurbishment has breathed new life into a hotel many people believed was a hostel for the homeless.

The Helix Hotel, formerly known as the Grangelea, in Kerse Road, Grangemouth, is almost unrecognisable from its former incarnation, especially the new look interior which now includes flat screen televisions and other fancy furnishings and no longer has facilities you would associate with a hostel.

The hotel’s Meghan Phillips said: “It’s only between five and 10 minutes from the Helix and the Kelpies by car, so we thought it would be a good name.

“We have totally moved from the premises being homeless accommodation towards paying guests.

“We are looking at offering quality affordable accommodation to people, including contract workers who are visiting the area to work in the town’s petrochemical industry.”

Recent news that Ineos was considering possibly recruiting workers from an ill-fated industrial site in Wales could bring a lot more business the Helix Hotel’s way.

In the past, under the Grangelea name, the hotel had been seen as a bit of a blight on the landscape, with nearby residents complaining about the behaviour of some guests. Now Helix Hotel owner Nawaz Haq is looking to make a fresh start and put something back into the area.

Meghan said: “It has taken us over a year but we have worked on the three floors, doing away with communal toilets to give each room an en suite bathroom and improve the central heating. The rooms themselves have been totally remodelled.

“We hope the renovation will have a positive effect on the community and provide an opportunity to bring more money into the town.”

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